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French Riviera Collection

Genie Punch 2021 SUMMER

The 2021 Genie Punch Summer Collection is the French Riviera Collection.

With the renewal of the online boutique, Returning to the origin of Genie Punch, I searched for the connection between "intuition" and "sensuality" from the memories of the designer's childhood. The first time I intuitively felt sensuality was in the dull afternoon of one summer, when I woke up from a nap, and the bedside mother's dresser gave me a light but heavy scent in the low places. N ° 5 It was the scent of. Even though I'm young and haven't touched the sensual scent, when I smell it, I feel the warmth of my mother, gentle love, but somewhere strong and dignified beauty, and a sensual atmosphere. I tasted it from that scent. When Coco Chanel made N ° 5, she visited the French Riviera, where her summer villa is located, and worked hard to make perfume. The elegance of the French Riviera, and the gentle, enveloping atmosphere hidden in a sensual, nostalgic and sad atmosphere on a summer night, gave birth to the Genie Punch French Riviera collection.

Please experience the unique combination of lingerie and scent unique to Genie Punch this summer, and leave memories of scent with the memory of lingerie.

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