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What is Genie Punch?

"Lingerie + Fragrance"

A combination of "lingerie" and "fragrance"

Genie Punch ( Genie Punch) is a lingerie online boutique.

Unlike ordinary lingerie shops, this is a new style online boutique that offers a set of lingerie designed by designer ami and a special lingerie fragrance mist that matches that lingerie.

[History Of Genie Punch]

Genie Punch was written by the designer's grandfather in 1962 as "BAR GENIE". History begins with the opening of a bar called "" on the beach side. Having a small botanical garden, he added many rare homemade herbs and fruits to his liqueur to create a number of fragrant and original cocktails.

59 years later, Bar Genie's popular signature cocktail plant has a sensual scent. Inspired by the mysteries of medicinal herbs and natural stones that have been passed down from generation to generation for a long time, we have collected gemstones, power stones, and effective herbs that are the source of liqueurs from all over the world. Natural stones are sewn on the mist of fragrance that matches the lingerie and the lingerie itself, and the lingerie is finished in a sensual design that you can wear.

Please wear Genie Punch lingerie, the beauty of gemstones entwined with the bralet string that falls on your shoulders, and the lingerie fragrance mist that is scented by looking at the balance between you and the lingerie. Try out the only lingerie experience that only Genie Punch has.

Genie Punch

What is Genie Punch?

Opened in 1962 the beachside Bar Genie in Okinawa started to as a bar. The colorful mixology of liqueurs from all over the world became popular, and the original cocktail "Genie", made by the owner by collecting several kinds of medicinal herbs and soaking them in alcohol, had a mysterious bitter-sweet taste and was rumored to be a legendary cocktail that brought good luck. It became the Genie bar's most popular signature cocktail.

Fifty-nine years later, the Genie Punch, now changed into a lingerie boutique, is inspired by the mysteries of medicinal herbs and gems that had been hidden from the outside for a long time from Bar Genie. We gather herbs from all over the world and mix them to create scented lingerie fragrance mists that match our lingerie, as well as gem stones sewn into the lingerie itself, to create sensual des igns that you could actually wear.

We offer you the opportunity to wear Genie Punch lingerie and experience the beauty of gemstones entwined in the strings of bralettes that fall on your shoulders, fragrance that are scented to balance you and your lingerie, and a unique lingerie experience that only Genie Punch could offer.

Genie Punch