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Embroidered flower bra set (red wine color)


& lt; Genie Punch & gt;


Flower Bralet + Pantie Set * red wine [ pink chalcedony]

Classic Collection

Flower Bralet + Panty Set [Pink Calsedony ]

Red wine color

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& lt; Genie Punch Features & gt;

" Lingerie + Fragrance "

A combination of" lingerie "and" fragrance "

Genie Punch is a designer-designed lingerie and a dedicated lingerie fragrance for that lingerie. We will deliver the mist as a set.

& lt; Set description & gt;

Flower lace Bralet (night bra) and

Panty set.

-The classic color "red wine" from the classic collection.

・ The exclusive lingerie fragrance mist is the scent of


& lt; Bra Description & gt;

Embroidered flower bra set from Genie Punch's classic collection. Inspired by flowers, we designed a bra that creates a luxurious floral lace and creates sensuality. It is a set of non-wire bra and panties.

Genie Punch often has gemstones on the shoulder straps, but this time, "pink chalcedony" is This beautiful floral embroidery is studded with a gorgeous yet elegant design.

"Pink Chalcedony" is a gemstone that is soothing just by looking at it in a gentle pink color. The chalcedony itself has the meaning of "sharing" and "gathering", and since this pink chalcedony is a type that enhances "love", it has the power to be loved by many people.

Also, the rubber under the chest is soft, elastic and thick. The back style also has a hook like a normal bra. It is recommended for a little outing or going out without worrying about the bust line while relaxing.

& lt; Panty description & gt;

Simple panties. The relaxing rubber is elastic and can be worn relaxedly. The base part of the nudie color is beige coloring, and functionally you can wear it without worrying about the sheer condition of the pubic hair compared to the white color.

& lt; Description of size etc. & gt;

Size: S, M, L

Check the image for size details.

Polyester blend
Hook fasteners on the back
Light lace fabric

Color: Red wine color

Natural stone: Pink calsedony

& lt; Special scent for this bra set & gt;

Genie Punch lingerie mist PURE ROSA

* Lingerie mist is included as a set for those who purchase this bra set. Experience and enjoy the unique combination of lingerie and fragrance Genie Punch.

Inspired by the pure rose that wears a happy aura, the scent is adjusted.

This embroidered flower bra is French Riviera beach I was inspired by the gentle and sweet scent of orange flowers that bloom along the line, but this time I chose a layered pure rose for this red color.

Wearing a red-conscious scent in the summer will lift your energetic and passionate mood.

TOP / Orange Flower < p> MIDDLE / Rose

LAST / Jasmin

& gt; & gt; & gt; Situations

□ When moving actively from the morning

For example, when traveling during a summer vacation or when you want to go fresh in the morning, one push under your armpit when wearing this bra set. While moving, the scent rises with body temperature and the refreshing scent of citrus spreads slightly. It is recommended without getting drunk with the scent while driving.

□ I want to impress the first impression with a nice scent.

The top note is refreshing with orange flowers. You can immediately give a refreshing impression. In addition, jasmine can be used for the last note, which has a subdued scent, to create a glossy look while maximizing the summer atmosphere.

□ Wearing situation

・ For summer vacation

→ Summer outing , If you are traveling for a long time on a long trip

→ Drive, flight time of an airplane

Relax because it is a non-wire type that does not have the tightening peculiar to bras.

・ Wear as a night bra

・ For relaxing time at home

□ Genie's Commitment

・ Imagine clothes and scented situations before going out

・ Actual combination Try it yourself and stack it with a try & amp; error

・ If you put it on your skin individually, the scent will change, so it is important to take on the challenge.

・ Make a proper scent strategy, think about how you want to look and how you want to scent, and use the power of scent.

Genie Punch

French Riviera Collection 21ss

French Riviera Collection is a summer collection for 2021, lingerie with fascinating details. Ideal for daily-use, sweet and sexy mood, this contemporary Embroidery Floral lingerie Set is crafted with red wine color. It's adorned with luxurious, sexy floral embroidery lace with a chic effect.
For The girl that is sweet and mysteriously sexy, this set was made for you. Designed on a beautiful floral embroidered, this bra features contrast pretty red color, playful wide straps — giving your girls support and comfort.

Size : S, M, L

S size fit for 70ABC
M size fit for 75ABC
L size fit for 80ABC

Material: Polyester
Cup Shape: Three Quarters (3/4
Back hook

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