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Copper tanktop*


<Genie Punch>


Copper tank top *

Riviera collection

Copper tank top *



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<Explanation of tank top>

Genie Punch's 2021 SS (Spring-Summer) Riviera Collection

It is a copper tank top. Mini length dare to have a short design and both sides

It is a tank top that can be styled up because it can be squeezed tightly.

Color: Copper (Brown)


S size Bust approx. 66 --84 / Shoulder approx. 25 / Total length approx. 41 (cm)


Material: 90% polyester, 10% cotton



<Wearing scene>

・ Recommended for casual occasions.


・ Because it is a dark color even during daytime, you can wear it with a sheer type shirt

The combination is also cute.

・ Also for night time.

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