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White mini dress* [vintage]


<Genie Punch>


White mini dress * [vintage]

Vintage collection

White mini dress * [vintage]



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<Description of tops>

From Genie Punch's Vintage Collection

It is a white mini dress. From a French vintage shop

The design of the purchased item is different between the front and back styles.

The back style is buttoned, but on the contrary it can also be used as the front

It is a type that you can wear and enjoy in 2 ways.


* The photo is not ironed.

I'm taking pictures as they are washed.


Color: white

Size: Length approx. 82.5cm / Shoulder width approx. 40cm / Sleeve length approx. 50cm /

Sleeve width approx. 32.5 cm / Chest circumference approx. 51 cm / Waist approx. 60 cm / Hem width approx. 123 cm

Material: 100% cotton


<Wearing scene>

・ Recommended for casual occasions.

-It's cute even if you wear it after washing, so it's perfect for rough scenes.

・ Daytime cafes, etc.

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