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Embroidered flower bra set (icy color)


& lt; Genie Punch & gt;


Flower Bralet + Pantie Set * icy blue [ PEARL ]

Riviera Collection

Flower Bralet + Panty Set [ Pearl]

Icy Blue Color

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¥ 7,980 → ¥ 3,990 .

* Furthermore, the outlet type has some scratches, so

There is no problem wearing it, but the price is easy to buy.

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& lt; Genie Punch Features & gt;

"Lingerie + Fragrance"

A combination of "lingerie" and "fragrance"

Genie Punch is a designer design We will deliver a set of lingerie and a special lingerie fragrance mist that matches the lingerie.

& lt; Set description & gt;

Flower lace Bralet (night bra) and

Panty set.

・ This is the new work "icy color" from the Riviera collection.

・ The exclusive lingerie fragrance mist is the scent of


& lt; Bra Description & gt;

Inspired by vacations on the French Riviera (a city in southern France facing the Mediterranean Sea) A bra with a new color "Icy Color" that is cool in the summer.

Inspired by the gentle, sweet scented flowers that bloom along the beach, we designed a bra that creates a luxurious floral lace and creates sensuality. It is a set of non-wire bra and panties.

Genie Punch often has gemstones on the shoulder straps, but this time, the pearl called the moonlight drop is used for this beautiful floral embroidery instead of the shoulder straps. Sprinkled with a gorgeous yet elegant design, pearls are the oldest gem and romantic stone in the world. It is a gentle stone that still has barrier power like it is worn at ceremonial occasions, and you can feel the motherhood that gently wraps it around.

Also, the rubber under the chest is soft, elastic and thick. The back style also has a hook like a normal bra. It is recommended for a little outing or going out without worrying about the bust line while relaxing.

& lt; Panty description & gt;

Simple panties. The relaxing rubber is elastic and can be worn relaxedly. The base part of the nudie color is a beige coloring that imaged from the sandy beach spreading on the beach of the French Riviera, and functionally you can wear it without worrying about the sheer condition of the pubic hair compared to the white color.

& lt; Description of size etc. & gt;

Size: S, M, L

Check the image for size details.

Polyester blend
Hook fasteners on the back
Thin lace fabric

Color: Icy color

Natural stone: Pearl

* The outlet type has some scratches, so there is no problem wearing it.

The price is easy to buy.

& lt; Special scent for this bra set & gt;

Genie Punch lingerie mist FLEUR D'ORANGER )

* Lingerie mist is included as a set for those who purchase this bra set. Experience and enjoy the unique combination of lingerie and fragrance Genie Punch.

On a summer night in Southern France, on the way home from a date with a lot of orange flowers by the sea I imagined the atmosphere of walking home slowly with a sweet and a little painful feeling, and scented it.

This embroidered flower bra A gentle, sweet scented flower that blooms along the beaches of the French Riviera. I was inspired by this flower, which is exactly the orange flower. The orange flower has a refreshing and fresh juice of orange, but it has a little wild bitterness, and it is different from vanilla and jasmine where you can feel the sexyness of the wild with the powdery feeling. An unknown sensual scent. For this set, vanilla is too sweet to wear at this time of summer, and jasmine is also good, but I wanted to strongly create a subtle sex appeal and nostalgic image during summer vacation, so I mainly focused on orange flowers I adjusted the scent. It has the same effect as the par applied to the bra because it has a gentle wrapping scent.

TOP / Orange Flower < p> MIDDLE / Mandarin Orange

LAST / Ylang Ylang

& gt; & gt; & gt; Situation

□ When moving actively from the morning

For example, when traveling during a summer vacation or when you want to go fresh in the morning, one push under your armpit when wearing this bra set. While moving, the scent rises with body temperature and the refreshing scent of citrus spreads slightly. It is recommended without getting drunk with the scent while driving.

□ I want to impress the first impression with a nice scent.

The top note is refreshing with orange flowers. You can immediately give a refreshing impression. In addition, the last note, whose scent has settled down, can produce a powdery and elegant scent peculiar to orange flowers and a memorable scent with a small amount of ylang-ylang.

□ I want a mote that is different from the so-called gorgeous flowers of mote

For example, it is recommended that the meeting be on a date in the evening. at dusk It is highly recommended to put it on from the summer time when the sun goes down to the time when the night gets deeper. It has a gentleness that is different from the scent of vanilla and floral, but it is refreshing but warm, and the end of the scent is finished with a scent that reminds us of nostalgia and nostalgia. To use it effectively on a date, it is recommended to reapply it with remake. Especially if you put it on before the time of parting, you can make a slight impression on the memory, but the bitterness of the orange flower evokes a sentimental feeling, "I wanted to be with you a little more" "But warm and gentle. It is the summer magic unique to this orange flower that makes both feelings of "I feel satisfied" at the same time. It is a scent that brings a feeling of summer happiness that gives you and your partner a gentle and good finish.

After all, "I enjoyed today" ⇨ "Leave a lingering sound" I want to make good use of the power of the scent. By the way.

□ Wearing situation

・ For summer vacation

→ If you are going out in the summer or traveling for a long time

→ For driving or airplane flight time

Relax because it is a non-wire type that does not have the tightening peculiar to bras.

・ Wear as a night bra

・ For relaxing time at home

□ Combination of coordination

Coordination 1. Cool coordination of icy blue

・ With blue cardigan / blue jeans.

Coordination 2. Mohair Animal Print Cardigan (¥ 5990) and

・ 2021 Fall / Winter The style of wearing a mohair cardigan without wearing an inner that hides the chest seems to be popular.

Try one step ahead.

Coordination 3. White cardigan and

・ White cardigan also comes with pearls.

Unexpectedly, when there is little movement such as when moving or working in the summer, the cooler cools the body.

It is also recommended to combine it with a Genie Punch cardigan to protect the cooler from the wind.

□ Layered accessories

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