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Round & Leaf Earrings


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"5 grains" of slightly larger CZ (cubic zirconia).

Place 5 grains in connection with the number five called Chanel's mysterious number,

Rounded with 6 smaller CZ grains and added a small and delicate leaf

These earrings have a very delicate yet gentle atmosphere.

Genie Punch with pearls and sheer stones

It goes well with the camisole, and it's a small size.

Because it uses CZ (cubic zirconia)

Travel companions such as summer vacation scenes

it's recommended.


"Round & Leaf Earrings"

 Body price: 1990 yen

□ Material: YG (Yellow Gold), GP (Gold Plate)

□ Uses CZ (cubic zirconia)

□ Size: Round part height about 1.2cm * width about 1.4cm

Length to catch about 1.2 cm

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