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Nine Crystals Nine Crystal Earrings


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Swinging earrings with 9 crystals in a row.

Nine crystals are connected by a delicate gold chain.

In fact, there is one diamond on it, which is a hidden and satisfying earring.

It looks very delicate and has a very delicate atmosphere.

When it shakes, the crystal shines in the light,

These pierced earrings are transparent but not overly assertive.

It's not too long pierced earrings and it's hard to get caught in races, so

Perfect for those looking for swaying earrings that aren't too long.

Because the stone is not colored because it uses crystals,

It's easy to match with any clothes and it's light, so

Travel companions such as summer vacation scenes

it's recommended.


"Nine Crystal Earrings"

Body price: 2990 yen

□ Material: YG (Yellow Gold), GP (Gold Plate)

□ Crystal used

□ Size: Earring length about 6cm

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