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SATIN LIKE CAMISOLE + strawberry quartz


& lt; Genie Punch & gt;



Riviera Collection

Satin-like camisole [ Strawberry Quartz]

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& lt; Features of Genie Punch & gt;

" Lingerie + Fragrance "

A combination of" lingerie "and" fragrance "

Genie Punch is a designer-designed lingerie and a dedicated lingerie fragrance for that lingerie. We will deliver the mist as a set.

& lt; Set description & gt;

-Beige camisole.

・ The exclusive lingerie fragrance mist is

with the scent of "rose & spice".

& lt; Camisole Description & gt;

Genie Punch's 2021 SS (Spring-Summer) Riviera Collection Camisole. When Coco Chanel made perfume N ° 5, she visited the French Riviera, where her summer villa is located, and worked hard to make perfume. Inspired by the elegance of the French Riviera and the gentle, enveloping atmosphere hidden in a sensual, nostalgic and sad atmosphere that floats in the summer nights.

Genie's characteristic shoulder straps are decorated with natural stone "strawberry quartz". By sewing Chanel's lucky number "5 (five) grains" near the chest, "5 (five) grains" on the shoulders, and "5 grains (five)" on the back, the original In addition to the beige nudy, the cuteness of the mysterious number five, Strawberry Quartz, has been incorporated. With a satin-like feel, it will be a recommended item this summer.

In addition, the river lace from London is crossed at the front, and the characteristic "eye rush" (line that appears like the beard of the lace) is also elegantly colored on the chest. The back style is bold with a deep V-cut.

For layering, we also recommend casual tops from the same Riviera collection.

Color: Beige

Natural stone: Strawberry quartz

Size: S size, M size, L size are available in 3 sizes.

S size Length approx. 41 cm / Height approx. 58 cm / Width approx. 45 cm

M size Length approx. 43 cm / Length approx. 60 cm / Width approx. 47 cm

L size Length approx. 45 cm / Length approx. 62 cm / Width approx. 48 cm

Material: 96% polyester, 4% polyurethane

Avoid washing with water and dry cleaning is recommended.

Please refrain from using bleach.

& lt; About the effect of natural stone & gt;

・ Strawberry Quartz

The appearance is light pink and very lovely, the charm of the owner It is said to be a stone that draws out and enhances the appeal to the opposite sex. It is a protective stone that women cannot hope for, and it is especially recommended for those who want a chance of love, those who want to fulfill love, and those who often interact with people. Strawberry Quartz, which symbolizes beauty and hope, brings out the charm that oozes from the inside and supports you to express yourself straight. Contrary to its cute appearance, this stone is very powerful and energetic. It's like a spice that stimulates curiosity and intuition and makes life shine. This fragrance also has a spicy rose scent that resonates with the spicy part of this strawberry quartz.

& lt; Fragrance Description & gt;

" Rose & amp; Spices span> "

Summer vacation on the French Riviera. The summer vacation is finally in the middle. Rather than a relaxed style, there is something that seems to be a little stretched and I want to wear a spicy atmosphere, that feeling and mood, and the strawberry quartz fruit sewn into the camisole is inspired by the spicy power stone. I smelled it.

The mood of this scent ✔️

・ A scent with a good mixture of spices that enhances the scent of rose

・ Men I like the scent, so my male partner may want to wear it.

・ A scent that matches the dignified atmosphere


TOP: Mandarin Peel, Water Lily

MIDDLE: Absolute Rose, Violet, Jasmine

LAST : Amber, Sandalwood

& lt; Wearing scene & gt;

In a place where it gets dark and the sense of smell is clear, such as in a play.

→ By wearing a very small amount, rose and spice

・ For daytime outings such as lunch and lunch

・ For morning time

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