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SKIN smooth tops*


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SKIN smooth tops * [ MOON STONE]

Riviera Collection

Skin Smooth Stops * [ Moonstone]

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Genie Punch's 2021 SS (Spring-Summer) Riviera Collection Skin Smooth Tops .. Inspired by the nudy dress that Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City wore on a date, we designed the for a more casual scene.

This top is designed to be combined with the characteristic camisole of Genie Punch's shoulder straps. Did. The natural stone "Moonstone" is treated with the last part of the adjustable string.

Color: Beige

Natural stone: Moonstone
Size: S Size / M size / L size 3 types of sizes are available.

S size Length approx. 39 cm / Height approx. 45 cm / Width approx. 45 cm / Sleeve length approx. 67 cm

M size Length about 40cm / Length about 46cm / Width about 46cm / Sleeve length about 68cm

L size Length approx. 41 cm / Height approx. 47 cm / Width approx. 47 cm / Sleeve length approx. 69cm

Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester

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・ Moonstone

In the olden days, moonstone was believed to be a stone that crystallized the brilliance of the moon, and was sacred as an incarnation of the magical power of the moon. .. People in ancient India worshiped moonstone as a "holy stone" and wore it as a talisman. Like the moonlight that illuminates the night road, it was thought to give the truth and give us the power to protect ourselves from danger. In addition, there are many folklore such as "getting sharper", "sensing danger", and "showing the way to go", and it has been used for rituals such as prediction, clairvoyance, and fortune-telling. Moonstone is said to work on the unconscious part of the owner, unlocking potential and providing inspiration. Just wear it by sewing it on your lingerie It enhances the intuition of the person who is doing it and protects it like a talisman.

& lt; Wearing scene & gt;

・ Recommended for casual scenes.

・ Daytime cafes, etc.

・ Summer vacation movements, etc.

→ Long-distance travel, airplane, car drive scenes, etc. p>

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