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WHITE CAMISOLE pearl + strawberry quarts


& lt; Genie Punch & gt;



Riviera Collection

White Camisole [ Pearl + Strawberry Quartz]

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& lt; Features of Genie Punch & gt;

"Lingerie + Fragrance"

"Lingerie" and " Fragrance "Combination"

Genie Punch offers a set of designer-designed lingerie and a special lingerie fragrance mist that matches that lingerie.

& lt; Set description & gt;

-White-collar camisole.

・ The exclusive lingerie fragrance mist is the scent of

"White Ginger Lily & amp; Ylang Ylang".

& lt; Camisole description & gt;

・ Slightly cool feeling

・ Sweat absorption effect

・ Quick-drying type

・ Stretch material

Genie Punch's 2021 SS (Spring-Summer) Riviera collection camisole. When making perfume N ° 5, Coco Chanel visited the French Riviera, where the summer villa is located, and worked hard to make perfume. Inspired by the elegance of the French Riviera and the gentle, enveloping atmosphere hidden in a sensual, nostalgic and sad atmosphere that floats in the summer nights.

Genie's characteristic shoulder straps are decorated with natural stones "pearl" and "strawberry quartz". By arranging pearls and strawberry quartz near the chest and sewing only the pearls near the shoulders, the "elegance" of the pearls and the difficulty of seeing the chest can be seen by other people. I was conscious of "mystery" by sewn strawberry quartz in the place.

Also, the fabric is elastic, absorbs sweat, dries quickly, and uses a cool feeling type material, so it is a recommended item this summer.

Color: Black

Natural stone: Pearl, Strawberry Quartz
Size: M size / L size 2 sizes We offer.

M size Length approx. 40 cm / Height approx. 59 cm / Width approx. 36 cm

L size Length approx. 42 cm / Length approx. 60 cm / Width approx. 37.5 cm

Material: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane
Adjustment Possible straps

& lt; About the effects of natural stones & gt;

・ Strawberry Quartz

In the olden days, moonstones were the brilliance of the moon. Is believed to be a crystallized stone and was sacred as an incarnation of the magical power of the moon. People in ancient India worshiped moonstone as a "holy stone" and wore it as a talisman. Like the moonlight that illuminates the night road, it was thought to give the truth and give us the power to protect ourselves from danger. In addition, there are many folklore such as "getting sharper", "sensing danger", and "showing the way to go", and it has been used for rituals such as prediction, clairvoyance, and fortune-telling. Moonstone is said to work on the unconscious part of the owner, unlocking potential and providing inspiration. Just wear it by sewing it on your lingerie It enhances the intuition of the person who is doing it and protects it like a talisman.

・ Pearl

Pearl is a gem that has been loved for a long time all over the world. Many gemstones are excavated from veins, but pearls have the very pure characteristic of being produced inside shells. As you often wear it at ceremonial occasions, it has a strong barrier and protective power, and on the other hand, mother shells are carefully raised in the body, so women's It has a history of being loved as a symbol of power and motherhood. It is also said to enhance the attractiveness of women, such as romance, pregnancy and childbirth. Pearl is pure yet has an annoying charm. Simply sew it on your lingerie to protect it and captivate your loved ones as well as your loved ones.

& lt; Explanation of fragrance & gt;

" White Ginger Lily & amp; Ylang Ylang "

Summer vacation on the French Riviera. On the way home on a full moon night, the sweet scent of white flowers suddenly drifted, and the scent was adjusted from the image of enlivening the return trip with a calm mood.

The mood of this scent ✔️

・ A rich scent using rare ingredients.

・ Relaxed and gentle scent

・ Sensual scent that suits the night

・ Oriental Atmosphere

・ A gentle and soothing scent such as meditation

TOP: Cardamom

MIDDLE: White Ginger Lily

LAST: Iran Iran, Agarwood

Top "Cardamom" is said to be one of the oldest spices in the world and is called the "Queen of Spices". It has a strong relaxing effect and gives a refreshing feeling at the beginning of the scent, so it is perfect for summer.

Middle "White Ginger Lily" is also harvested in India and scented from flowers. Extract. White flowers like lilies are characteristic, and the color of the flowers is also creamy, gentle and gentle white. The scent is sweet, but it is a scent with a slight spiciness. The common ginger lily is different from this white ginger lily because it is scented from the rhizome of the plant. This is a gorgeous and sweet flower scent because the scent is extracted from the flowers.

The last is "Ylang-ylang" and "Agarwood". Both are famous for their sensual scents. Ylang Ylang scent is It gives off a unique fragrance that is dense, sweet, exotic and spicy, so this is the last note. I added a small amount to. Ylang Ylang means "flower in flower" in Malay. White ginger lily is also a flower this time, but this ylang-ylang is also scented to enhance the floral. Ylang-ylang is also a honeymoon, etc. There is also a custom in Indonesia that newly-married couples sprinkle ylang-ylang flowers on the bed where they spend the night. It is believed to be a habit created because the scent has an aphrodisiac effect that enhances the mood. In addition, On the mental side, it relieves tension and tiredness and relaxes.

Also, "Agarwood" is very rare and rarely called "scented diamond" in Arabia, and it has an oriental, sweet and strong scent. .. A woody, deep and rich scent. It is known as an unforgettable scent once it is scented, and I came up with the idea of ​​compatibility with this White Ginger Lily.

& lt; Wearing scene & gt;

・ Summer vacation movement, etc.

→ Long-distance movement , Airplane, car driving scene, etc.

・ For night dates

・ With white high-waisted jeans

Relaxing yet refreshing Impression

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